Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Web Design - Feb Project

  • To be completed between Wednesday, Feb. 19 and Tuesday Feb. 24.
  • Grade will be equal to two (2) projects grades.
  • Start by creating a new site (see video) - create it in Dreamweaver and on a flash external drive (do this for security purposes).
  • The site should be in its own folder with an image folder for site photos and graphics
  • Create a layout (storyboard) in Fireworks with actual dimensions, fonts and colors
  • Find photos and graphics using Wikipedia and/or advanced search for permissible images - prepare images in Fireworks at the proper size for use in Dreamweaver
  • Use Wikipedia for text content, but make sure you read the content and put it on your web pages in a way that makes sense to the "intent" of your web site.
  • Create a banner in Flash for use on your website.
  • Create your site once you have submitted your storyboard.. finished work (web pages) should match your proposed storyboard unless an updated storyboard has been submitted
  • Your site should contain at least 4 pages
  • Each page should be identical except for text and photo content
  • The photos should enhance the content and add to the overall appeal of your site
  • Provide working links on each page plus a link to the Wikipedia content you are featuring - you may use text links or buttons created using CSS hover rules or they can be done in Fireworks (see video here)
  • Each page should have a minimum of 500 words (check your word count HERE) and two images (again, make sure the images enhance the content of your text).
  • At least one page should have a flash animation showing pictures relevant to your web site using a slide show format (first video is HERE)
  • Use a CSS ID for Main Content so that text and images have some space (padding) around them, making the text more readable
Here are some acceptable topics:
  1. History of Ford Motors
  2. Coffee - then and now
  3. Basketball - it started with a peach basket
  4. Guitars - Fender or Gibson

Use the Pen Tool

Here is Rocky the Squirrel, best friend of Bullwinkle Moose.

Right-click on the picture and "copy". Then open Fireworks and create a new document (the computer will know the exact size for Rocky), and paste your picture. Now use the Pen Tool in Fireworks to recreate Rocky. Try to get your picture to look exactly like the original.