Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Simple Flash Animation

Part 1 - Getting Started  

Part 2 - Animating Movie Clip Symbols  

Part 3 - More Movie Clip Animation  

Part 4 - Text Animation

Monday, November 5, 2012

Web Design - Nov 6

Here is the web page for your resources -

You may feel free to copy and use the photos and text from this web page for your assignment. However, remember that copying is illegal unless you have permission from the author to do it.

Create a NEW website using your Flash drive to save all your info. The files on your Flash drive will be graded, NOT the files on your computer.

Use this layout for your web page:

Body: use CSS to change the body tag to have a background of black

#HoneyHeader: Copy the image for #HoneyHeader and include it as a background using CSS. Make sure the CSS rule is the correct height for your image.

#mainContent:  create a CSS rule that has a background color of light green. Also include padding on the left side - enough to push the text away from the left border

In the mainContent area, include text and headers through “How Old is Honey, Really”. Also include at least 3 photos using a CSS rule for #mainContent img with these attributes: image border, margin to keep text 10 pixels away, and align right.

#leftSidebar: Use at least 5 links in the leftsidebar. Add rules to change the text to be Comic Sans, and add padding to the left side of 25px, with a background of light blue.

Classes: add at least two classes for text:
  1. Add a class for underlined text and use it on all subheadings
  2. Add a class for text with a yellow background (like highlighting) and add it to the second paragraph of the article. 

Beginning Beekeepers Love Honey Bees

Honey in one of the oldest foods in existence. It has been used throughout history, not only as a food, but as a natural remedy for many ailments and a beauty treatment.
It has been called by many names, including Liquid Gold, the Golden Elixir and the Nectar of the Gods. It’s value has held up for hundreds and thousands of years.
In the Bible, the land of Israel was called the “Land of Milk and Honey” (it is also referred to as the Promised Land… hmmm).

There must be something very significant in milk and honey. By the way, the Israelites did not drink cow’s milk; it was either sheep or goat milk.
Think about the nutritional value in comparing honey and sugar. While both are considered sweeteners, honey is heralded for its amazing goodness while sugar is blamed for many of the problems in our “advanced” culture.

Just think about it. While the purpose of this article is not to give you a scientific analysis of the differences between sugar and honey, you must know that there are major harmful effects of consuming too much sugar. My conclusion is that honey is a food with extremely high nutritional value. Now, does that mean we abandon Starbucks in favor of milk and honey? Probably not, but as you consider your diet you might think about cutting back on the amount of sugar in favor of more natural honey.
And, you may even go so far as to start your own small business or hobby, raising honeybees, or beekeeping. It can be quite rewarding, both nutritionally and possibly even monetarily. Beginning beekeepers are always surprised and excited about the fruits of their labor (the bees’ labor, actually).

How Old is Honey… Really

There has been a recent discovery of a resin chip with some perfectly preserved bees. Carbon dating puts the age at over 100 Million years. It is also know the primitive people as far back as 9000 years ago (7000 BCE) collected honey for food.
And of course, as already mentioned, the Bible as a historical record touts honey as a very valuable substance, worthy of relocating a whole people group in order to have access to it.