Sunday, December 9, 2012

Web Design Project

  • To be completed between Wednesday, Feb. 19 and Tuesday Feb. 24.
  • Grade will be equal to two (2) projects grades.
  • Start by creating a new site (see video) - create it in Dreamweaver and on a flash external drive (do this for security purposes).
  • The site should be in its own folder with an image folder for site photos and graphics
  • Create a layout (storyboard) in Fireworks with actual dimensions, fonts and colors
  • Find photos and graphics using Wikipedia and/or advanced search for permissible images - prepare images in Fireworks at the proper size for use in Dreamweaver
  • Use Wikipedia for text content, but make sure you read the content and put it on your web pages in a way that makes sense to the "intent" of your web site.
  • Create a banner in Flash for use on your website.
  • Create your site once you have submitted your storyboard.. finished work (web pages) should match your proposed storyboard unless an updated storyboard has been submitted
  • Your site should contain at least 4 pages
  • Each page should be identical except for text and photo content
  • The photos should enhance the content and add to the overall appeal of your site
  • Provide working links on each page plus a link to the Wikipedia content you are featuring - you may use text links or buttons created using CSS hover rules or they can be done in Fireworks (see video here)
  • Each page should have a minimum of 500 words (check your word count HERE) and two images (again, make sure the images enhance the content of your text).
  • At least one page should have a flash animation showing pictures relevant to your web site using a slide show format (first video is HERE)
  • Use a CSS ID for Main Content so that text and images have some space (padding) around them, making the text more readable
Here are some acceptable topics:
  1. History of Ford Motors
  2. Coffee - then and now
  3. Basketball - it started with a peach basket
  4. Guitars - Fender or Gibson

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