Thursday, January 24, 2013

Web Design – Thursday, January 24, 2013


Create a NEW website called “CSS Template” with a root folder by the same name
Create an images folder as well
You will be using the same content as you used in the last project (coffee, flowers, etc)
Use the “2-column fixed width left sidebar with header and footer” template for all your pages
·       Save your first page as “index.html”
·       Change the background color of the page
·       Change the font style of the page
·       Change the width of the content area to 875px
·       Change the width of the Sidebar to 225px
·       Change the font style of the H1 in the header to something different than the page text
·       Create a header image that has no text and insert it as a background in the header area
·       Put your website title into the H1 tag in the header area
·       Add an image in the sidebar that is 210px wide (this should be different on each page)
·       Add links in the sidebar for each of your 4 pages (these links should be titled appropriately)
·       Add a 5th link to the Wikipedia page where you got your information
Once your index page is done, create 3 more pages similar to the previous project.. make sure your pages have titles that make sense (a title of “page 2” does not make sense)


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