Monday, April 15, 2013

Find A Client ~ Web Design - Monday

Who Will You Serve?

Your mission is to find a client - a person or organization that needs your help.
The main goal is to create a web site where there is no web site or the existing web site needs a renovation.
You may have a parent or relative that qualifies. If so, ask.
Others are out there that don't even know they need your help. Find one.
Here are a few examples:
Once you have a prospect, copy the 5 items below into a Word Document and fill it out. Submit is to

Profile of the Client’s Company or Organization:
1. Company or organization name:
2. Products or services performed:
3. URL (if client already has a site):
4. Client’s mission statement (brief paragraph summarizing their mission, i.e., what they do and for whom and why):
5. Client's goals in having a website:

Any questions? Submit them through the Comments at the bottom of this page.

Day 2

Complete the "customer profile" for visitors to your site. This will help you with design decisions as you work on creating a series of web pages that are attractive and interesting to your visitors.

1.     Age of probable visitors to your site
·       12 and under
·       13 – 18
·       19 – 29
·       30 – 59
·       60 – older

2.     How would you characterize the level of education that the average customer has attained? Check as many as apply.

·       Attending high school
·       High school graduate
·       Received vocational or technical certification
·       B.A. or B.S.
·       Masters degree
·       PhD

3.     What expectations will they have before they arrive at your site? In other words, what do they hope to find at your site?
4.     What types of gimmicks (give-a-ways, games, galleries, etc) would attract this person?

Email your work to 

Day 3

Begin to prepare for an appointment with your new client by doing the following:
  •  design (or redesign) the logo 
  • Decide on a color scheme for the web site
  • Create a mock-up of the home page in Fireworks

When you are confident that you can present your strategy and a visually pleasing home page, email for an appointment -

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