Thursday, August 29, 2013

August 29 - graded assignment

Squirrels – GRRR! They’re Robbing My Bird Feeders
Squirrels are wily little rodents noted for being able to outsmart just about anyone who tries to deny them access to bird feeders. Squirrels can walk on wire, jump almost 4 feet straight up, leap 10 feet across, and climb almost anything.
Those little buggers are eating me out of “house and home” (as my Mom used to say). They sit either in or on the bird feeders until all the food is gone, and it only takes them about an hour to clean me out.
My birds are getting skinny!
I’m willing to actually spend some money here, because I know it will save me money in the long run… in bird food, that is.
I’m not going for one of those twirling bird feeders, though.
Here are some ways to foil the squirrels:
1. Squirrel baffles
2. Hot sauce on the bird food
3. Hang bird feeders on a wire covered with spinning plastic tubes
The key is not to destroy squirrels. The key is to be smarter.

(here is the link to the squirrel photo:

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